Merging reports.

Want to merge different book reports into one?

This will have to be done in your word processor, after you have created the
files necessary. The idea is to start with one document and paste in the others. The suggested answer applies to Microsoft Word.
Note: You will have to remove all but one Index title and then create the index. Your header (phrase along the top of the pages) will probably also have to be changed.

1. Create the different book reports you want, making sure you have selected the correct word processor as well. (Click on the Layout tab and select MS Word) Create for example, File A, File B, File C.

2. Open your word processor.

3. Open File A. Browse to the end of the document, just before the last page, and put in a page break to start your new section.

4. Open File B. Click Edit, Select All. Click Edit, Copy. Delete the Index title that is at the end of this copied material.

5. Back in File A, go to the new section. Click File, Paste.

6. Close File B. For any other documents you wish to insert, repeat steps 3 to 5.

7. Click File, Save As and give it a name like Merged Book. This preserves your original ABC files.

8. Edit your document if needed.
 • Spell check,
 • Proof read, etc.
 • The page header may require editing. In Word, click on View, Header and Footer.

9. Lastly, create your Index.
 • Scroll to the end of your document.
 • Put your cursor under the Index title.
 • Then click Insert, Reference, Index and Tables.
 • Make your Index selections, then click OK.

This will create your new book with the combined information.


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