How do I print out the chart view?

The View options are really meant for browsing through your individuals, not as a report. It can be printed (instructions below) however we strongly recommend using the Chart option instead, as it is specifically designed to produce charts for the printed page. You can access the Chart by selecting it from the Print menu. Choose the same options you had selected in your chart view, including photos, colors, etc. You will then be able to Preview, Publish or Print.

If you would prefer to print the chart view you will need to do the following:

1. In the view select File, Save Screen Image.
2. Give your file a name and save it in a location where you'll be able to find it again, such as My Documents.
3. Using My Computer or Windows Explorer, browse to the place where you saved your file and double-click on it.
4. Select the Print icon.


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