Adding custom places.

Some places may not have found their way into the Gazetteer. The source that provided us with our geographical information may not have included it or it may be a historical place name.

For you, mapping custom places will be your best option. You can do this one of two ways.

1. You can specify the exact longitude and latitude of a place.

a. Be in Map My Family Tree. Right click on your place.
b. Click Add to Gazetteer.
c. Enter the longitude and latitude of your custom place.
d. Click on Add.
e. When you close the Gazetteer you will be asked to Update Geo-code, say Yes.

You will now see your place on the map.

2. Add it as a custom place.

a. Right click on the name and select Suggest Replacement.
b. This opens the Gazetteer. Select closest place.
c. Click on Add Custom Place button at the bottom.
d. Make sure the fields are filled in and click Add.
e. You will be asked if you would like to Update geo-code, select Yes.
Due to a bug, you will need to then close Map My Family Tree and then reopen it. The name should now appear on the map without any errors.


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