Place errors defined.

Misspelled Places: Names closely resemble a real place, but are misspelled, or have transposed or missing letters.

Ambiguous: More than one possible result. The program has found some place names that may refer to several different locations.

Wrong Jurisdiction: One jurisdiction or level in the place name belongs elsewhere. In other words, the place exists, but not in that specified location.

Unknown Place: No match found with any official place names in Progeny's Gazetteer.

Incomplete: Has town, but is missing other place levels. The program has found place names that describe a town, but are missing some other information, such as county, state or country.

Non-Specific Places: The program has found place names listed, but is still missing a town.

Missing Commas: The program has found an exact match, but one or more commas are missing. (Example: Aberdeen Brown County OH US should be corrected to show Aberdeen, Brown County, Ohio, United States)

Events without a place: The program has found some events in the data file that have no place name associated with them.


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