How to display 'system' files

Sometimes it's necessary to access internal work files used by Charting Companion. Windows Explorer, your file browser ("My Computer") hides certain folders and file types by default.

Some examples of system files are:

  • "C:\Users\userID\AppData\Roaming\Progeny\CC\PROGENY.CFG"
  • "C:\Users\userID\AppData\Roaming\Progeny\CC\FTM_DLL_COPY.LOG"

where "userID" is your Windows login ID.

To access all folders, simply do the following in Windows Explorer:

  • Click on Organize
  • Click on Folder and search options


In Windows 10, it's "View ➔ Options":


In the dialog that comes up, click on the View tab, and:

  • Click on "Show hidden files, folders and drives"
  • Un-check "Hide protected operating system files"
  • Un-check "Hide extensions for known file types"
  • Click "OK"

You can now copy & send the system files to Progeny.





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