Can MMFT apply corrections directly to my database?

No. You need to Search and Replace using your genealogy software. You can copy the official place from the Progeny Gazetteer. We recommend you review your genealogy program's help files for more information on Search and Replace options before making changes. Make a backup file before changing your genealogy file.

Example using Personal Ancestral File (PAF)'s Global Search and Replace feature:

 • In Map my Family Tree, COPY the entire WRONG place name. (Shown in the Gazetter's Place field.) Open your file in PAF (Back it up before continuing.)
 • In PAF, click on Tools, Global Search and Replace. Search & replace text in places.
 • Put check marks in "case sensitive search" and "create report of records changed".
 • PASTE to Search For:
 • In Map my Family Tree, click on official place names, right click, COPY the official place name.
 • In PAF, click in the Replace With field, PASTE.

Example using Family Tree Maker's Find and Replace Feature:
TIP: Before you use the Find and Replace feature, make a backup copy of the Family Tree Maker file. The program will not ask you to confirm each change. Nor can you undo the changes afterwards.

 • Open the file in Map my Family Tree, then open the same file in Family Tree Maker.
 • In World Place Advisor find the place name to correct.
 • Right click, select Suggest Replacement to bring up the Gazetteer.
 • Copy the WRONG place name.
 • In Family Tree Maker click on Edit, Find and Replace .
 • Paste the WRONG place name to the Find field.
 • Switch back to Map my Family Tree and copy the correct place name.
 • Switch to Family Tree Maker and paste the correct place name in the Replace With field. Then click the Replace All button.

Example using Legacy's Master Location List:

Legacy makes it especially easy to do replace your place names quickly and efficiently when you use the Master Location List, because you only need to paste it in once and all people with the place name will be changed.

 • Select View, Master List, Location.
 • Select the place name you want to change and click the Edit button.
 • Paste in the correct name and click Save. When asked, click Yes to affect all records.


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