Do I need other software to use Genelines?

Yes. Genelines is dependent upon reading an existing genealogy database which has been created using other software. You will first need to record your family information in a genealogy software program for data entry before proceeding to use Genelines. (Names, birth dates and places, etc.)

If you do not already have a genealogy program to put your family tree information into, there are several to choose from. It does matter which Genelines version you use.

There are several available for purchase online or at your local computer software store. There are also some free programs you can try out:

 • Legacy Family Tree, from Millennia Corporation
You can download the Standard Edition of this for free. They do have a Deluxe version as well, which you can purchase if you decide you really like the Standard Edition. You can download this from

 • Personal Ancestral File (PAF), from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
This is probably one of the most popular free genealogy programs around. To order, phone the LDS Church Distribution Services at 800-537-5971 (801-240-3800 outside U.S & Canada), or visit


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