How do I create shades of the same color?

There is an easy way to color each generation in your chart varying shades of the same color.

You can quickly and easily change your colors, within a style, to shades of the same color, in ascending or descending order. Although the following instructions use fill color as an example, they can be applied to fill, text and outline colors.

1. Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and left click on the first box. This sets the starting color.
2. Press the Ctrl & Shift keys, then click on the bottom fill box.
All boxes in between will become a shade of the color chosen.

You can insure that all colors are the same hue, by copying the starting color to the ending row, then changing the luminance, also known as saturation ("Lum.").

This trick works between any two rows, not just the first and last.


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