Clear cache to prevent your browser's cache feature from cheating you. 

When downloading a file (for example a program installer) from a Website, your browser sometimes tries to "help" you by skipping the download altogether, if you have already downloaded a file by the same name. Your browser figures it must be the same file, so why bother re-downloading it, right? One of the symptoms of this behavior is a very quick, almost instantaneous download time.

Well, even though it has the same name, it may in fact be a very different version of the file. To force the browser to really download the file, do the following:

If you are using Internet Explorer:
1. Click on: "Tools, Internet Options"
2. Click on "Browsing History / Delete"
3. Click on "Delete All" (or check everything and click "Delete").

If you have Google Chrome:
Google's Chrome browser makes it difficult to clear the cache, when a customer wants to download the latest version of a program. Clicking on "Tools, Clear Browser History" is not enough.

1. You have to click on "Open Downloads Folder"
2. A window opens up, then you can select the file(s) and delete it:

If you use Firefox:
1. Click on "Tools, Clear Recent History"
2. Click on "Clear Now"

When you have cleared your cache, re-do the download.


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