How do I open my data file in Charting Companion?

The first time Charting Companion is opened, it will ask if you would like to search for your family files. If you select yes, the program will automatically scan your computer's hard drive(s) for all data files. The files are then displayed in the Open dialog list box. Just click on a file in this dialog and select the Open button.

Tip: If you choose not to scan when first opening the program, you can always do so later by selecting File, Scan disk for files on the menu, or by clicking the Scan Disk button in the Open dialog. You can also re-scan by following the same steps.

Also, the first time you open the program, Charting Companion will automatically put the files you opened most recently in your genealogy program in your Recently Used File List, located under File in the menu bar. Simply click on the file in this list to open it.


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    Earlier today I went through much of this menu --sample of charts etc.)  Found I was back in an email I think I should have received earlier this year Jan, Feb or so probably after an earlier update.  If it arrived then it must have disappeared as has your replies over past few days-- I found them only with great difficulty.  Now I am not really sure where I am, hopefully within a reply from last week (October up to Sun 20th 2019)  Best to comment now whilst able.  This second time today also for a new password; one may be as a result of the forgotten password though I don't know that I ever made it to even creating one earlier this year or last year.  Sorry if I am slow on the uptake.  Lots more to read and it seems so helpful re sorting out whether copy came from McKiever or Progeny etc.

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