Too many events to deal with.

If you don't want to lose any of the events, but you don't need all of them for every file, you can create your own master history file.

You can keep all the events in one big history file that you have saved. Then just import the events you want, choosing to replace or merge as you see fit. Also, by selectively filtering the historical events you import into Genelines, you can then export these to new, smaller history files if desired.

 • Export your current historical events in Genelines. Name it Master History File. Consider the one you have now your "master history file". Also useful to have this set aside as a backup.
 • Still in the genealogy file you are currently using in Genelines, click on File/Import History, and select your "master history file.hst".
 • Use the Import History features to select only the events you want imported at this time. It has excellent filters.
 • Once the desired events are selected, you can choose to Replace or Merge with your current historical events assigned with your data file. Choosing REPLACE will get rid of unwanted events, keeping only the ones selected for import.


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