How do I get other events, like Census, to show on my chart?

Genelines allows you to add, modify and delete Event Categories. These changes apply only to the current data file you have open. If you wish to add an Event Category for all your data files, you must add it to each data file separately.

 • Go to Edit, Event Categories. This will bring up a dialog with two list boxes. The first is the list of the categories (which you can add to). The second is a list of all the events you have in your data file.

 • Some events are pre-selected for the default categories. For an example, click on the Relationship category, and then scroll down the Events to Import list. You will see that several events are pre-selected.

 • To be able to see the Census events, you might choose to see them displayed in the Residential Category. Click on it. Then scroll down the list on the right in the Events to Import. Find your Census event. Put a check mark beside it. Below the Events to Import list, there are options to pick which part of the event you want displayed in the Biographical charts. For example, you might want to see the place of the event, not the event name itself displayed in the chart. Select the part of the event you want Genelines to show in the Biographical charts. Then select OK.

 • Try a Biographical chart for someone who has a Census event in your file. Be sure to include the Residential category.

Instructions can also be found in the Help file. Search the help index regarding Editing Event Categories and Working with Life Events.


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