How do I see hidden files?

If you've been asked to send Progeny user files, these instructions will allow you to browse your computer to see the necessary files. You must have Administrative privileges to do this.

1. Click Start, Computer or find Computer on your Desktop.

2. Adjust your Window pane. Some users don’t see this right away. In Computer, click on File:
 • On the left side of the window, there is a Folders item, probably at the bottom left corner. You will see it either with the arrow up or down.
 • Click the up arrow. Doing this will allow you to browse this area later.
 • When the arrow is pointing down, then you know you will be able to see what is needed.

3. Click Tools, Folder Options, then the View tab.
 • See the Advanced Settings list. Here is where the changes need to be made in order to see the files.
 • Hidden files and folders: Show hidden files and folders - Put a dot here.
 • Hide extensions for known file types - Remove check
 • Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) - Remove check and OK warning message.
 • Click Apply, OK. You will be ready to see the files needed.


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