Data Error - His/Her own parent.

A data error we've seen many times:
Data error: Henry J Smith [4951] generation 8 is his/her own parent at gen. 5
There is an error in the data. Please try again with 4 generations.

If you check the Reference Number or the name in a search or view the family relationships, you may find no problem. So, what does this mean?

There really is a problem with your file. He is his own grandpa!
You have a descendant listed as a grandparent somewhere in the lineage. You can find the problem by going through this process of elimination:

1. Go to Henry J Smith [4951]
2. Do a pedigree chart for only 4 generations. I say 4 because if you did 5 you would get the error.
3. Look at the last generation (generation 4)

Now check the family group view for each grandfather in the fourth generation. I suspect one of them will show a parent listed being the same person, Henry J Smith [4951]


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