Can I cut and paste my charts?

Yes. You can copy and paste portions of a PDF chart. You can copy as a graphic, or as text and paste to email, word processor or an image editor, such as MS Paint.

Preview your chart in Adobe Acrobat Reader:

As a graphic: Choose the Snapshot Tool on the toolbar. (You can also find it via Tools, Basic, Snapshot Tool.) Paste into the desired location in your email or word processor. Note: The scale and portion of the page that you are viewing in Adobe is what will be copied to the clipboard.

As text: Choose the Text Select Tool and copy/paste as text instead of graphics. The drawback is that any indenting or tabs that may exist in the report will not paste with the text.

You can also save a copy of a Tree View image by clicking on 'File, Save screen image', and choose a file format: JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP.


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