How to allow Progeny to view your MyHeritage family

Sometimes it is helpful if Progeny Tech. Support can temporarily access your MyHeritage account, for trouble shooting and investigating problems.

To allow Progeny to view your data, simply do the following.

1. When signed into MyHeritage, click on "Home, Invite family"

2. Scroll to the bottom, click on "Invite other people manually".

3. Enter the Progeny Tech. Support name & email:

Of course, Progeny will not change, add or delete data in any way. We will respect the confidentiality of your family tree. It will only be used to reproduce & fix the problem.

4. To remove Progeny's access to your family tree, click on "Home, Site members":

5. Scroll down to the Progeny Tech. Support person, click on "More":

6. Click on "Remove from site":



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