You don't "buy" software, you rent it

Some customers feel that when they buy a Charting Companion license, they are entitled to all future releases, at no extra charge.

When you buy version 5 of Charting Companion, you get all the features and benefits available in ver. 5. You get to use the program for years. You get value for what you paid for. Also, you get free technical support during that time; we have to pay salaries to our Tech. Support staff.

When ver. 6 is released, it includes many new features & enhancements. These features were developed at considerable expense. The cost of these features was not factored into the previous ver. 5.

Sometimes we have to renew our own license for third-party software that we integrate into Charting Companion, for example PDF drivers that are made obsolete by  Windows 10. We have to share these costs with our customers.

Software is not a physical thing that you buy & own forever. It is a service that you rent during the time that you use the program. The longer you use the program, the more it has been useful to you, the more value it has delivered. You are getting your money's worth.

We depend on our loyal customers to support us by renewing their Registration Keys for new releases. We always welcome your remarks and suggestions, which we try to implement for you.


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    zoiya holland-tate

    But do you give discounts to those who already purchased previous versions?

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    Pierre Clouthier
    • Upgrades are free within twelve months of purchase
    • 20% discount if purchased within two years
    Edited by Pierre Clouthier
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