How to make sure you're opening the right file with Charting Companion (PAF)

Sometimes you have just added information to your Personal Ancestral File (PAF), but you don't see the new information in Charting Companion.

This is usually caused by opening an older version of the file in Charting Companion.

To make sure that you are looking at the most recent version of your file, make a note of where the file is located in PAF.

In PAF, click on "File, Properties":


PAF will tell you in which directory (folder) the file is stored:

In Charting Companion, click on "Help, About" to display the folder where the files is located:

CC will tell you in which directory (folder) its file is stored:

Note the file name in the Title Bar:

If the file name & folder are not the same as PAF above, click on "File, Open" in Charting Companion, and browse to your most recent PAF file. Make sure the file is not open in PAF at the same time.


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