Charting Companion won't accept my Registration Key (purchased from Software MacKiev)


If you bought your Charting Companion license from Software MacKiev, you will receive an email that includes the following instructions:

How it works:
1. Install Charting Companion.
2. On the first startup of the application, enter the following Name and Registration Key when asked: "SOFTWARE MACKIEV 3028-XXXX" (or "SMK3030..."), "XXXXXX".

When prompted by Charting Companion, this is what you need to enter in the Registration Key dialog:


Do NOT enter your name in the "Name" box.

Enter the part "SOFTWARE MACKIEV 3028-XXXX" (or "SMK3030...") in the "Name" box (without the quotes).

Copy and paste the information from the email you receive. Copy and paste exactly what is in the email. Do not re-type any part of the information. Do not add extra spaces either before, within, or after the "SOFTWARE MACKIEV 3028-XXXX" (or "SMK303...") part.

Note: these codes are for illustration purposes only, they are not real codes.

If you enter the wrong information, you will see this message:


This means you must enter "SOFTWARE MACKIEV 3028-XXXX" (or "SMK3030...") in the "Name" box. Replace the "XXXX" part with the exact code that was provided in the email.



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    Nidia Rhys

    Help! It WON'T take my registration key!


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    John Fassbender

    If you recently downloaded version 7, you CC 6 registration won't work on it.  You need a new registration code.

    Contact Progeny about our upgrade options.

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    Vanessa Nix

    Help! will not accept my registration key. I copied and pasted the information into the reg page still says invalid registration key. Please help. I downloaded version 7. How do I get the right key

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    John Fassbender

    Vanessa Nix, see my comment above.  If you have a CC7 registration code, you have to enter your name EXACTLY like it says in the email.  Otherwise, you will have to contact support at the link above in my previous message.

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    Vanessa Nix

    John Fassbender, thanks I will contact customer support.



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    Robbie Mattson

    HELP!  It will no accept my registration key that I copied and pasted directly from your e-mail.  How do I get this fixed?

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    John Fassbender

    Robbie Mattson,

    What version is your license for?  If it is for version 6 and you downloaded the latest version 7, then you have to upgrade your license.  The CC6 key does not work for CC7.

    Depending on where you bought it from Progeny or MacKiev, they both have there own upgrade policies and prices.  Your best best is to contact them


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    Pierre Clouthier

    Hi Robbie -

    You are entering a ver. 7 Registration Key into ver. 6 of the program.

    Please download and install ver. 7:


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