Charting Companion won't accept my Registration Key ☹

If you bought your Charting Companion license from Software MacKiev, you will receive an email that includes the following instructions:

How it works:
1. Install Charting Companion.
2. On the first startup of the application, enter the following Name and Registration Key when asked: "SOFTWARE MACKIEV 3028-XXXX", "XXXXXX".

When prompted by Charting Companion, this is what you need to enter in the Registration Key dialog:


Do NOT enter your name in the "Name" box.

Enter the part "SOFTWARE MACKIEV 3028-XXXX" in the "Name" box (without the quotes).

Copy and paste the information from the email you receive. Copy and paste exactly what is in the email. Do not re-type any part of the information. Do not add extra spaces either before, within, or after the "SOFTWARE MACKIEV 3028-XXXX" part.

Note: these codes are for illustration purposes only, they are not real codes.

If you enter the wrong information, you will see this message:


This means you must enter "SOFTWARE MACKIEV 3028-XXXX" in the "Name" box. Replace the "XXXX" part with the exact code that was provided in the email.



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